This page contains a short glossary of specific terms used in this Web site.

Requirement Engineer The go-between person responsible for understanding and formalising the requirements expressed by contracting authority, for translating them for the sake of the contractor and for assisting the contracting authority during the development phase.
Analogy. The architect you hire to draw the plans of your house and supervise the construction works.
Requirement Desired property on an information system to develop
Requirement Engineering Discipline allowing one to specify a concise, correct, consistent and complete set of requirements regarding an information system to build
Contracting Authority The project sponsor.
Analogy. You when you apply for building a house.
Contractor The organisation which will realise your project. Analogy. The builder who will construct your house.
Meta-model Definition of all concept and all relationship types, the instances of which can be found in a particular model. For instance, goal and requirement are meta-concepts, conflict and refinement are meta-relationships.
Model Abstract Representation of some reality
Agile Project Project adopting an iterative and incremental life cycle. Unlike the waterfall life cycle during which the requirements document is elaborated percisely at the very beginning of the project, agile projects focus on rapid prototyping, and close cooperation and rapid feedback between the contracting authority and the contractor at the development level.