Some large companies have a team or a department dedicated to set up the requirements for IT applications to be used in the company. The KAOS/Objectiver leading-edge technology has been designed for them.

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When a company selects KAOS/Objectiver for its requirements engineering activities, Respect-IT provides as much assistance as needed to help the company become acquainted with the technology. This assistance may involve the requirements engineers, but also the contracting authority and the contractor according to the following plan:

  • making all the stakeholders aware of requirements engineering
  • informing the contracting department about the KAOS method
  • training the requirements engineers on the KAOS method and on the Objectiver tool
  • achieving a pilot project

The case studies used during the training sessions and the pilot project are preferably chosen among the business topics of the company.

Besides assuming the awareness and training sessions, Respect-IT helps the requirements engineers apply the method and use the tool as follows:

  • assistance for the production of the first KAOS diagrams
  • methodological guidance and anwsers to questions raised
  • review of the models produced
  • attendance to the first validation sessions produced by the requirements engineers
  • methodological assistance for producing reports and requirements documents

Mean duration of a technology transfer project : 6 months
Load for the Respect-IT consultant : between 1 and 2 months