Company : University of Louvain
Country : Belgium
Context : The university had to elaborate a new IT strategical plan taking all needs intro account, focusing in particular on how the work is balanced between the headquaters of the university, the faculties and the departments.
Contribution : A requirements inventory merging all the collected needs and used for setting the new strategical plan up.
Company : Chambre Nationale des Huissiers de Justice (Belgian National Chamber of Bailiffs)
Pays : Belgium
Context : The project aimed at creating a computerized management system for the seizure notices in order to simplify the processes and accelerate access to the relevant information, improve the seizure notice management by simplifying how the notices are recorded and classified, and open the set of information available to bailiffs and other authorities.
Contribution : The project started after a first unfruitful experience that the Chamber had with antoher company failing to define the requirements correctly. This time, our contribution has allowed the Chamber of bailiffs to set up a complete and consistent requirements document to be used for discussions with the Ministry of Justice and for the call of tenders.