Company : Dupuis
Country : Belgium
Context : In the years 90, the multimedia market with all its byproducts (merchandising) has grown a lot so that managers responsible for the follow-up of contracts regarding the transfer of rights and its consequent royalties were asking for more automation to support their business.
Contribution : The project aimed at studying the needs and to understand how royalties are collected and distributed. The project has allowed the Editions Dupuis to better estimate the pros and cons of the automation of copyrights management.
Outcomes of the project includes a requirements document inventorying the user needs, an object model describing the business concepts and an algorithm mocking up the several strategies for the collection and distribution of royalties.

Company : Editions de l’Avenir - IPM
Pays : Belgium
Context : The Editions de l'Avenir-IPM are one of the most prominent publishers in Belgium. They publish the following newspapers: La Libre Belgique, La Dernière Heure, Vers l'Avenir (8 editions).
Contribution : The study has consisted in collecting and structuring the needs of professionals on two sites: Namur and Brussels. About forty people have been met. The study was about the management of advertisements, subscriptions, selling shops and logistics.
A technical requirements document has been written. It has been used for the call for tenders. Due to the quality of the requirements document, the tenders were able to evaluate the work to do in a very efficient and reliable way as well as the publishers were more confident in their analysis of the tender's proposals.
After having selected the IS-Media solution from SAP, the publishers asked us to support them in the parametrisation of the system by playing the role of a third-party of confidence between them and the contractor (PricewaterhouseCoopers and BVD) in order to verify that the project was kept in line with the requirements and in order to assess the quality of the parametrisation.
At the end of the project, the publishers were sure to have an application conformant to the requirements and fulfilling quality assurance criteria regarding the development (documentation, user training, etc.)

Company : SPSS
Country : Belgium and France
Context : A department of SPSS is active in the area of professional translation. This department has wished to initiate a study on what could be the next generation of their software tools dedicated to professional translators. The study has focused more precisely on translation on the fly for Web pages and on a sophisticatred support tool for translators.
Contribution : A document collecting all the requirements for the development of extensions to their existing translation tools has been produced.
Company : VUM Media, Groupe Plus
Country : Belgium
Context : This important national and regional press group wished to develop a Web site for real-estate ads in order to reinforce its visibility and promote coupling of advertisements between the papers and on the Web.
Contribution : A requirements document containing (i) the functional and non-functional requirements for a Web portal, (ii) for more specialised Web sites, (iii) a proposal for the system architecture, and (iv) a specification of functions expected from each module.