Company : CHR de la Citadelle
Country : Belgium
Context : The Minimal Clinical Summary (MCS) is a legal document inventorying diagnoses and operations achieved on each patient of the hospital. The document is made anonymous and sent to the Health Authority which computes the mean durations for pathologies and use those durations as a tool for financing the hospital according to their performance.
The hospital CHR de la Citadelle wished to upgrade an MCS application already in use in order to take new requests from doctors, nurses, managers responsible for the production of the MCS records and the hospital head into account.
Contribution : Production of a requirements model and document to be used for a new implementation of the application.

Company : Pfizer
Country : Belgium
Context : In the context of an Esprit project with the University of Louvain, a requirements analysis has been requested in order to elicit the needs of each partner regarding a new multimedia e-learning system allowing medical representatives to become acquainted with new products.
Contribution : A requirements document (in English) containing the complete set of requirements for the authors, tutors, and learners.

Company : Alpha-Répartition
Country : Belgium
Context : Alpha-répartition is an important wholesaler of pharmaceuticals.
The project aims at defining the company needs regarding infirmation technology. In particular, the need for a knowledge base about the healthcare products sold by the company has been identified. The interest of the company in this knowledge base comes from the fact that it represents a valuable added value of the company to the pharmacists, who are trained to provide medecines but not cosmetics, babyfood, etc.
The project has allowed Alpha-Répartition to become acquainted with the Internet technologies with a new, quite valuable service for its customers and to be the first on the market to provide access to an electronic knowledge base on those products.
Contribution : Requirements engineering. Definition of the knowledge base schema from the requirements object model. Support to the development of the Java application that allows the company to populate the knowledge base from the Internet and to query the knowledge base from the Internet.